The Via Francigena in Tuscany: the journey of the ancient pilgrims to Rome and the Holy Land


There is a path in Tuscany, a historical journey of over 300 km rediscovered and loved by modern travellers: it is the Via Francigena, the ancient way that from Canterbury brought pilgrims from Rome to the ports of Puglia, towards the Holy Land. A deep intertwining of roads codified ony in the '80s, when an Italian researcher discovered in the British library the travel diary of the abbot Sigerico, then bishop of Canterbury, who described the entire itinerary that links Northern Europe to Italy , including the 15 stages in Tuscany.

Along the Via Francigena, which starts in the north, from Pontremoli, and then continues towards Lucca, you will discover the most evocative landscapes of Tuscany, its history, its culture, its artistic heritage. It is a journey between peace and tranquillity along the footsteps of the ancient pilgrims, an itinerary with fortresses, places of hospitality, abbeys and hospitals, those that once welcomed exhausted travellers.

15 stages through hills and medieval villages to discover enchanting places like San Miniato, San Gimignano, Monteriggioni, Siena and Radicofani to experience the Tuscan territory in its entirety, to taste the flavours of its food and wine tradition, learn about history, art and places born thanks to the presence of this suggestive spiritual journey.

The 15 stages of the Via Francigena in Tuscany

To be covered on foot, by bicycle, by car or even on horseback, the Tuscan route of the Via Francigena begins north, at Pontremoli, after the Apennine ridge, and then ends between Radicofani and Acquapendente, at the beginning of the Lazio region.

  1. Passo della Cisa/Pontremoli - 19 km (5h walk)
  2. Pontremoli/Aulla - 33 km (8h walk)
  3. Aulla/Avenza - 33 km (8h walk)
  4. Avenza/Pietrasanta - 28 km (6h walk)
  5. Pietrasanta/Lucca - 32 km (7,30h walk)
  6. Lucca/Altopascio - 18 km (4h walk)
  7. Altopascio/San Miniato - 25 km (6h walk)
  8. San Miniato/Gambassi Terme - 24 km  (6h walk)
  9. Gambassi Terme/San Gimignano - 13 km (3h walk)
  10. San Gimignano/Monteriggioni - 30 km (7h walk)
  11. Monteriggioni/Siena - 21 km (6h walk)
  12. Siena/Ponte d’Arbia - 30 km (7h walk)
  13. Ponte d’Arbia/San Quirico - 27 km (6h walk)
  14. San Quirico/Radicofani - 33 km (7h walk)
  15. Radicofani/Aquapendente - 32 km (7h walk)