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Tuscany is a land known for its enchanting landscapes, history and artistic tradition, but has two things in particular that the whole world envies: its very good oil and its excellent wine.

The Tuscan oil is a true masterpiece of the Mediterranean diet, with its flavour slightly bitter-spicy and delicious fruity smell. The Etruscans cultivated olive trees already in the 6th century BC and in this land with a gentle climate these plants have always been lush, thanks particularly to favourable ecosystem. Today oil is of enormous economic importance for Tuscany which produces large quantities, always following methods of tradition: this guarantees its authenticity, along with the rigid bottling codes that certify its quality and its origin.

But Tuscany is also one of the most famous wine producers in the world, thanks to a millenary tradition that has made Tuscan wine famous throughout the Mediterranean area. Over the centuries, wine has become a real strategic element for the commerce of Tuscany which still today produces many excellent wine varieties.

Why do we tell you all this? Because we believe that anyone who wants to start a business in Tuscany should start from something that perfectly embodies the nuances of this wonderful land: its oil and its wine, unique and genuine as the land that produces them.

Come and discover a property that made oil and wine its strong points: welcome to Wine and Oil Estate Il Morellino!


The Working Farm

The vineyards: Morellino di Scansano Docg, Rosso Toscano e Bianco Toscano Doc

We are on the hilltop around Scansano, famous village known above all for the excellence of its Morellino di Scansano wine. The working farm covers an area of 8 hectares among rolling hills of which 2 hectares host vineyards that give:

  • Morellino di Scansano DOCG - 1.42 ha
  • Rosso Toscano (Merlot and Cabernet S) - 0.22 ha
  • Bianco Toscano DOC - 0.35 ha

The property is fitted with a cellar of 40 sq.m with all the equipments to produce wine, but there is the possibility to create a second cellar of 110 sqm that could handle the entire wine-producing process, from vinification through to storage, bottling and labeling.

The morellino: a wine telling about Tuscany

Close relative to Sangiovese wine, Morellino di Scansano is one of the great red wines of our country, obtained from Sangiovese and other red grapes. The grape of the working farm is cultivated on rolling hills not far from the sea the vineyards of this area enjoy a favourable exposure, aired and sunny. They were planted partly in 1968 and partly in 2003: scientific data have in fact shown that old plants not only give a grape in which the metabolites, anthocyanins, flavones and flavonoids are more concentrated but are also more resistant to adverse climatic conditions; this guarantees a good product even in the most critical years.

The oil: the green gold of Tuscany

The olive trees of the working farm are about 460. The cultivars of the olive grove are the classic Tuscan: moraiolo, leccino, frantoiano and pendolino. The oil quality is extravirgin with an acidity of 0.4 very good in terms of quality and conservation. The olives are harvested when they are still green to guarantee the oil a fruit green taste with bitter and spicy flavour typical of Tuscan oil. After 4-5 months, the bitter and fruity tones are lost with the natural sedimentation, leaving the place to those more sweet and delicate.

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