The excellence of Tuscany flows in few drops of olive oil


Tuscany is a land known for its enchanting landscapes, history and artistic tradition, but there is a product in particular that the whole world envies: its very good oil, a true masterpiece of the Mediterranean diet, with its flavour slightly bitter-spicy and delicious fruity smell. The Etruscans cultivated olive trees already in the 6th century BC and in this land with a gentle climate these plants have always been lush, thanks particularly to favourable ecosystem. Today oil is of enormous economic importance for Tuscany which produces large quantities, always following methods of tradition: this guarantees its authenticity, along with the rigid bottling codes that certify its quality and its origin.

The Tuscan oil, in short, has a secular tradition and represents a real pride for this land, which has always produced it with love and respect. Why do we tell you all this? Because we believe that anyone who wants to start a business in Tuscany should start from something that perfectly embodies the nuances of this wonderful land: its oil, a true "green gold", unique and genuine as the land that produces it.

Today we bring you to know some of our properties: these are residences that combine the comforts of a home to hectares of land cultivated with Tuscan olive trees.

Casale val delle Vigne - Farmhouse 

Tuscany farmhouses: is there something more typical, able to make you breathe deep inside your heart the atmosphere of this land? Today we want introduce you Casale Val delle Vigne, immersed in the countryside of the Montorgiali area. Its strong point is certainly the vineyards, which produce a delicious wine, and the 460 olive trees from which you can obtain an excellent oil. But even the rest of the property is truly enchanting: the merit of the renovation that retained the characteristic Tuscan features such as stone walls, arches, terracotta floors and tall ceilings with exposed beams.

Casale Montieri - Holiday Farm

A holiday farm located in Montieri, surrounded by oaks and renovated following the Tuscan tradition with stone walls, wooden beams for ceiling and terracotta floors. It has 60 hectares of land, subdivided into woodland (about 45 hectares) and arable land. There are also about 600 olive trees in production.

Villa Luce 

This spectacular villa, nestled in the hills of Castiglione della Pescaia, features about 6 hectares of land divided into Mediterranean scrub and olive trees, which produce a very good organic oil.