La Ripa Farm, Radicondoli (SI)

La Ripa Farm, Radicondoli (SI)


• Ref Nr    S-RDC-WF01
• Region   Tuscany (Hillside)
• Area       Approx. 1000 sqm
• Land       103 ha
• Pools      3
• Farm      Local production crops and livestock


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€ 4,000,000.00

This organic farm is located in the hamlet of Belforte in the municipality of Radicondoli, nestled in the Sienese hills in the southern part of the Val d'Elsa, among oak trees and rivers that extend into the Chianti region
La Ripa Farm, with 3 farmhouses with swimming pools and farm tourism business, covers 103 hectares of which 30 are arable, 30 are woodland, 25 are intended for timber plantations, 2 are olive groves and the rest is reserved for grazing.

About 63 hectares are fully enclosed, with wire gabions and iron poles up to 2 metres high that protect against wild boars and wolves. Of the remaining 40 hectares, 20 are fenced into 5 parcels of land with 15 hectares rich in cherry, walnut, maple, ash and locust trees
There are currently 100 Cinta Senese pigs on the farm, with 20 brood sows that will give birth to another 100-140 piglets within a year. Cinta Senese is a Protected Designation of Origin Italian pig breed which includes pig meat born, raised and slaughtered in Tuscany.

22 hectares of plantations for timber production (cherry, ash, walnut, acacia, maple), including 13 outside of the area fenced-off with 2 metre high iron poles and wire mesh, are ready to be processed, the minor species are ready to be logged (acacia and maple): there are approximately 300 plants per hectare. Acacia wood poles are required to make fences and pickets of various kinds. 
Four years of EEC contributions, equal to € 300.00 per hectare per year, are still owed for these lands.

In another 20 years, you can start logging the valuable plants: 300 plants per hectare (cherry, ash and walnut). The cost of this timber is approx. € 700.00 per cubic metre. In a worst-case scenario, every 5 trees constitute 1 m3 of precious wood with a production of € 45,000.00 per hectare. The provincial price for the tree plantations is approximately € 15-18,000.00 per hectare. 
The arable crops include approximately 10 hectares of barley, 2 hectares of field beans and 6 hectares of sunflowers, while the remaining 12 hectares are meadows designated for grazing animals.

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  • Condition: Excellent
  • Energy efficiency class: G
  • Position: Hillside - Countryside
  • Region: Tuscany
  • Province: Siena
  • Town: Belforte - Radicondoli
  • Bedrooms: 16
  • Bathrooms: 9
  • Swimming pool: 3
  • Annexes: Shed and warehouses
  • Heating: Independent


  • 1.6 hectares of olive grove, vegetable gardens, roads and courtyards
  • Shed for machinery and a 340 sqm barn with a 20 kW photovoltaic system
  • Agricultural machinery and equipment
    New Holland Crawler Tractor 95 hp, Massey Ferguson Crawler Tractor 70 hp, Fiat OM 60 hp, Fiat L6 mechanical shovel with excavator, Fiat 1000 DT Super wheeled tractor 115 hp, Viviani hydraulic cultivator, trucks, drills, fertiliser spreader, Viviani and Aspedo harrows, Nardi and Sogema ploughs
  • 100 Cinta Senese pigs with shelters, breeding equipment and 1.5 km of fences
  • Restored farmhouse with an area of 270 sqm
  • Independent villa with an area of 110 sqm for farm holidays with a 13x6 swimming pool and lawn irrigation
  • Independent apartment with an area of 70 sqm for farm holidays with a 10x5 pool and lawn irrigation
  • Apartment with an area of 120 sqm for farm holidays
  • Apartment with an area of 80 sqm with a 5x8 swimming pool and courtyard
  • Premises with an area of 70 sqm for tourist reception and tasting farm products
  • Approx. 35 hectares of coppice
  • 10 hectares of wooded pastures


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All of the actual numbers are available and can be delivered with a letter of intent. The balance sheet remains unchanged, excluding the works to insulate the room used as a cellar in the tasting premises. 

Expected revenues remain unchanged with regard to EEC contributions for agriculture and photovoltaic incentives. The farm tourism revenues remain the same (there are projects already financed by the municipality of Radicondoli and implemented to develop tourism, with grants in favour of tour operators). 

Revenue growth derives more from the increase in sows that will lead to an average production of 12 animals each, with a total of about 120 units per year. Of the total number of animals it is expected that about 70% will be sold through the consortium for the protection of the Cinta Senese breed at an average price of € 3.50 x 150 kg or € 500 per head, while approximately 5 animals will be slaughtered and processed (at a total cost of € 300 each) to then be sold directly to the public. The remaining 20 animals are expected to be sold, already processed, to wholesalers at an average price of € 1500 each. 

It is evidently desirable to find a sales channel in Italy or abroad to sell the whole already processed production and increase direct sales, as well as offering tastings to visitors from other farms in the area, residents and the general public. 


La Ripa Farm has the size to increase and triple the production of livestock, while always remaining within the parameters of the requirements for organic certification: it is advisable to develop the sales sector of retail products and allocate inventory to wholesalers, also creating sales channels abroad. 

Ham from organic farms has a direct retail value of € 80.00 per kg. When you consider that a 120 kg pig has a 12 kg leg of ham (10% weight), only two hams would double the proceeds of the sale in comparison to a live weight wholesale price. Thanks to the presence of olive trees and the compliance and exposure of the land, the farm is very well suited to the development of a vineyard, an olive grove or both.